Microsoft preps new upgrade experience for free Windows 10 update

Microsoft is stepping up its strategy to move users to Windows 10 while the rollout of Apple’s renamed operating system isn’t far behind.

If you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8 and haven’t upgraded to Windows 10 yet, Microsoft is making a final push to get you to upgrade. And if you don’t do so by July 29, the free upgrade offer will expire and you’ll have to pay $119 for the full installation.

Getting holdouts to upgrade isn’t easy. Microsoft has been aggressive with its regular notifications that target users of older Windows operating systems. For instance, even if you’re a diehard Windows 7 user and not interested in the upgrade and hit the “X” to remove the notification, it can have the opposite effect: the system may schedule the upgrade to Windows 10 automatically.

But Microsoft will change that with a new “upgrade experience,” according to a statement by Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president for Windows and Devices, which was first reported at Zdnet.

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